Global Warming Causes Essay

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Latest Development Of Nuclear Energy To Tackling Global Warming Nowadays, pollution is getting more critical. It is undeniable that the pollution caused from burning fossil fuels are changing earth’s climate and contributing to sea rising, stronger storms, hotter days and even worst, severe droughts. According to the report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a United Nations-sponsored panel, says that global warming is “unequivocal” and warns that limiting climate changes will require “substantial and sustained” reductions of greenhouse gas emissions. Human’s influence has been detected in warming of the atmosphere as well as the ocean, in changes in the global water cycle, in reductions of snow and ice, in global mean sea level rises, and in changes in some of the climate extremes. Scientists are 95 percent certain that humans are the “dominant cause” of global warming since 1950s (Thomas Stocker, IPCC co-chair). It is because we burned the fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gases for energy and cut down the trees to have more land for living. Those actions had overloaded our atmosphere and caused the climate change Global Warming. As we know there are various way to tackle global warming, one of them is Nuclear Energy. Nuclear energy is a clean, safe, reliable and competitive energy source. It is the only source of energy that can replace a significant part of the fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) which massively pollute the atmosphere and contribute to the greenhouse effect. Some people will concern about do Nuclear energy and environmentalism are not mutually contradictory. There are 2 answers here. Bruno Comby(Chairman of Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy) stated that they are not mutually contradictory. Bruno Comby said that nuclear energy is the only environmentally responsible way to respond to two major crises that
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