Global Warming Essay

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Imagine a world, not too long from now, where you have to pay taxes for every single mile you drive, for every extra child you bring into this world, or consuming anything that the government has labeled as carbon dioxide emitting. This may seem farfetched, but in reality it is not. The probability of the US government implementing new taxes to fight carbon dioxide emissions is very high. Chances are, you will be paying taxes aimed to lower carbon dioxide emissions whether you like it or not. Are you ready for the real stunner? The truth of the matter is, carbon dioxide plays no role in our climate, and changes in the concentration levels in the atmosphere are not cooling or warming the Earth. Essentially, carbon dioxide is not to blame for the sudden shift in weather and temperature that is taking place worldwide. I will examine evidence and disprove the theory of man-made global warming. Then I will explain how the current main-stream view of carbon dioxide is driving a political agenda, whose goal is to tax your carbon footprint on planet Earth. There is overwhelming scientific evidence that says carbon dioxide has nothing to do with the whole idea global warming. The fact is that there are only a few very distinct things that affect our climate, and carbon dioxide emissions are not one of them. The sad part is that government and some scientists would like you to believe that you and your carbon emissions are responsible for global warming. We must first look at the source of all this controversy. Ask ourselves what exactly carbon dioxide is, and what is its role in nature? Then we should get the facts straight about the real reason the planet has been warming, and lastly try to understand what will happen politically if the controversy is not put to rest, and finally solved. Carbon dioxide can be chemically described as a three atom molecule composed of

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