Global Warming Essay

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When one talks about climate changes, one will think about global warming. Global warming has affected many people recently. Due to global warming, certain countries like Hong Kong have imposed laws which are supposed to help slow down the rate of global warming. In Hong Kong, you will be fined if you leave your engine running when your car has no passenger in it and if you are not driving. This is to reduce the amount of fuel wasted as the burning of fuel produces excessive carbon monoxide which will produce a green house effect when left in the atmosphere, thus retaining heat from the sun and causing global warming. Almost everywhere in the world, electricity prices are increasing while the government tries to find a cheaper and efficient method of producing electricity without producing too much carbon monoxide as an attempt to slow down the rate of global warming. Due to the soaring electricity prices, people are also discouraged from wasting electricity as they will have to pay more. Furthermore, the government tries to promote awareness of global warming and uses campaigns to try to make people stop wasting electricity. Fuel prices are also soaring as there is a lack of fuel. However, the price increase also discourages people from wasting fuel by leaving their car engines running without using the car. In order to prevent global warming, governments try to promote public transports as less fuel will be used to transport more people around. If more people make use public transports like buses instead of driving, less fuel will be used, thus reducing the amount of carbon monoxide produced and slowing down global warming. Even now, government have tried to slow down global warming by changing the diesel engine of taxis and public transports to compressed natural gas engine gas as vehicles running on compressed natural gas while emit pure water instead

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