Global Warming Essay

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Global warming is one of the biggest problems our earth is facing today. It is defined as the increase in the average temperature of the earth. Climate change, devastation of the ecosystem, water contamination, melting of large layers of ice in the arctic and Antarctica regions, negative impacts in the agricultural sector such as famine ,other natural disasters such as hurricanes, and floods are some of many problems our precious planet earth is facing due to global warming. Parasites such as mosquitoes and ticks that cause diseases thrive in warmer climates and thus can cause an epidemic. Global warming is mainly caused due to green house gases such as carbon dioxide they cause the depletion of the ozone layer that protects us from the ultraviolet rays of the sun the green house gases also form a layer which prevents heat from escaping the earth's atmosphere thus causing a rise in earth's temperature. And carbon dioxide unlike other green house gases is produced the most and also absorbs heat which the other gases don’t.Global warming is also caused by cfc. Many of us know that the green house gases that affect our dear earth are formed due to day to day activities of human beings. We do not realize that the trees we chop down helps in the purification of air and hence reduces the worse effects of green house gases. Trees are major source of food we consume daily and they also provide shelter to different living beings and also helps in rainfall.The roots of trees helps to prevent soil erosion. Therefore, we must take steps to save of dear earth from the tyranny of global warming. We as an individual can help our planet by: 1.Planting trees 2.Using eco-friendly energy efficient technology 3.Spread Awareness And many more . Let us together walk into a greener and cleaner world which is free of global

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