Global Warming Essay

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GLOBAL WARMING Global warming; what effect does it have on the environment? Well global warming can have many effects, and the effects are definitely not good! Global warming can cause many things like mess with the sea level, affect the weather and so on. Global warming effects the environment in bad ways, and if it is not at least attempted to be stopped, it is only going to get worse. One effect global warming has on the environment is it affects sea level. Global warming raises the overall temperature and cause glaciers and ice caps to melt, which makes the water expand. When this happens, sea levels tend to rise more rapidly than normal. According to the Third Assessment Report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the sea level is expected to rise as much as 88 centimeters in the next century. Ocean acidification is also affected by global warming. Carbon dioxide is one of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming. So due to the rise in sea levels and precipitation, the carbon dioxide is mixed more with sea water. According to a report in the “Open Democracy”, this is a major concern for ocean life, especially coral. Most importantly, global warming effects weather. Global warming can affected the weather by making the climate hot or cold, or making it switch back and forth. Global warming is also believed to be the reason for so many bad hurricanes and earthquakes. Although global warming is bad, there are ways to try and prevent it. Just by driving less and taking a bike or walking can help prevent global warming. Cutting down on your garbage can also help, just by buying fewer packaged materials can help prevent global warming. Most importantly, recycling can help. Buying recycled paper products and recycling as much as possible, is a way to prevent global warming. So many things can be effected just by global warming,

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