Global Warming Essay

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In his article ‘’The technology behind global warming solution’’ Eric Leach elaborates on the effects that global warming. Leach also introduces many possible solutions to reversing the global warming issue. Finally the article outlines problems and the solutions of how technology can affect global warming. Many scientist are working on ideas to save the Earth from the global warming effects. Various ideas have been suggested. Some of these ideas have been called crazy because they seem too outlandish.The ideas ranged from injecting sulfur dioxide aerosols into the atmosphere to the Geritol solution which planned to fertilize the open oceans .The last two idea mentioned in the article were to launch a giant reflective helium balloons and to put sunshades above the Earth to reflect the sunlight. All these ideas have been classified as not possible for various reasons. The article outlines a three step solution for the global warming relief. The three steps are to burn less fossil fuels, to develop the technologies that are more efficient and increase our ability to rely on renewable energy and behavioral changes. All three steps are important but the last step mentioned is the most important because if we change our own personal effect on the earth then it can decrease the amount of global warming on the earth. There are many ways that technology can change in order for the solutions to take effect. Technology needs to increase so that we are able to depend on renewable energy, alternative fuel, and transportation. With all these changes global warming will decrease on its own without having to use any of the crazy ideas that scientist come up

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