Global Warming Essay

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Global Warming Student’s Name University Affiliation Global Warming Industrialization remains one of the most important discoveries of man as it enhanced the quality of life. However, with increased production, there were negative consequences to the environment occasioned by the discharge of toxic waste. These gases have led to an increase in the normal hotness of the earth. This increase has, in turn, led to various consequences to the many facets of human life such as economics, politics and social life. To understand this process, the study will look at the development of global warming, its causes and effects to the earth as a whole. The industrialization process has become an important part of life for human beings. The need for energy has continued to rise as demand for it continues to increase. With increased human industrial activity, there has been an increase in the discharge of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, into the environment. The increase of these gases poses a great risk to the mean temperature on earth. According to Maslin (2007), the average hotness of the earth has increased by 0.60C. As a result, there has been a significant rise in sea water level by an average of 20 cm (Maslin, 2007). The increased temperature has resulted in the melting of the ice at both the North and South Pole, hence the increase in sea level (A. Silverstein, V. Silverstein, & Nunn, 2009). Global warming, therefore, is the increase in the mean temperature of the earth due to increase in greenhouse gases. Causes The main cause of global warming, as has been noted, toxic gas discharged into the air. This is a result of human activity. The energy released by the sun enters the atmosphere and is reflected back into the atmosphere, hence heating up the gases. Most of the energy, however, remains in the atmosphere. The amount of carbon dioxide in

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