Global Warming Essay

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Global Warming Thesis statement – background information – general attractive/ alarming statement – essay outline (1) Label each of the following sections of the introduction using these titles: (-general attractive/ alarming statement -) Recently, a catastrophic scientific phenomenon began to appear and expand on Earth putting the lives of many organisms together with their surroundings at risk. In fact, this phenomenon threatens the safety and balance of the whole planet and thus requires detailed researches and fast reactions. (--background information --) Global warming, as scientists name it, is one calamitous phenomenon that created a sense of horror between scientists in the last few centuries as it places the lives and habitats of people at risk. Global warming is the rise in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans which started in the late 19th century. This phenomenon could be described as an environmental disaster that alters the biological balance of the world and affects many global resources from both the human perspective and the biological one. Various solutions were previously implemented with no obvious impact on the problem. However, a new solution and process under the name of “geoengineering” was introduced by the Carnegie Institution in the beginning of the 21st century where modification of the earth’s atmosphere is to occur to reduce global warming. (--essay outline --) Therefore, it is vital to study the definition of global warming to be able to understand this phenomenon together with its causes and effects and the various ways by which it could be solved. (--Thesis statement --) Frankly, geoengineering is the most effective method of tackling the problem as it provides a cheaper and faster route of addressing the problem with results that will remain for the longest time possible. (2) A. What are the

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