Global Warming Essay

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The continuously rising use of fossils fuels on a global scale which includes oil, gas, and coal has resulted in the increase of carbon dioxide emissions, which is directly correlated to the onset of global warming. Since we’re aware fossils fuels are indeed a finite resource, larger efforts should be made to discover energy sources that emit little to no carbon dioxide emissions. At the moment, many alternative energy sources are finding many real-world applications. A significant amount of the world’s energy is produced by hydroelectric and nuclear energy plants. In many existing areas alternative sources such has wind power, solar energy, and biomass fuel are able to offer energy at a small level but could very well make a larger impact if more of the methods were applied. Unfortunately due to what’s available in a certain area, tidal power and geothermal heat are ideas where more research has been developed in order to see what positive results can be yielded. The energy source that has become more relevant in today’s world with recent technological breakthroughs is hydrogen fuel cells. Despite making stronger leaps it’s an area to researchers that still requires much more development for wide-scale uses. Sources that are readily available to us such as water, sunlight, wind, or plants are practically available in almost all regions and basically infinite. Taking that factor into account we still need to find the most ideal ways in which we can maximize all these resources in an efficient manner. There’s no disputing the inevitable truth that the world we’ve grown to live in has become all too comfortable in depending on fossils fuels such as oil, coal, and gas that eventually finding an alternative would become our primary responsibility. There’s also no denying the widely accepted fact that the use of these fuels emitting carbon dioxide feeds into the

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