Global Warming Essay

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GLOBAL WARMING: MYTH OR REALITY? Gina Williams Physical Science 201 Professor Waters Term Paper For many years now, a need for an “environmentally friendly” future has surfaced due to the suspicion of global warming and the extinction of some animals, especially the polar bears. Some people believe that the biggest reason for a “not so greener” future is because of global warming and its effect that it has had so far on our environment. Others, however, believe that global warming is truly an unreal and impossible subject matter. They believe that it is a false understanding, and that the planet will most likely naturally get warmer and warmer as time goes on. The conflicting sides tend to create a very tremendous debate. They feel as though it is not their problem since they will most likely not live long enough to see the destructions of global warming. It is unfortunate that younger generations will live to see that day. The only way to destroy the terrible outcome of global warming is to really think green. Through research, it has been proven that even though the conflicting side does not really believe in global warming, they are definitely aware of the negative use of greenhouse gases. It is mindboggling that there still are some people who do not seemed to be worried. It is possible that they do not realize it because they do not really “understand it”. Global warming is when the earth heats up and the temperature rises. It happens when greenhouse gases like carbon, dioxide, water vapor, nitrous oxide and methane trap heat and light from the sun in the earth’s atmosphere. With too many greenhouse gasses in the air, the earth’s atmosphere traps too much heat and light and eventually the earth get too hot and the temperature rises. This process of collective heat from the sun is

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