Global Warming Essay

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Global Warming Melting of glacier ice has been occurring since the last ice age, and humans are speeding up the process. Because of the increased number of factories in the mid 1700’s, people began emitting large amounts of greenhouse gases into the air. Industry took off in the mid-1700s, and people started emitting large amounts of greenhouse gases. Fossil fuels were burned more and more to run our cars, trucks, factories, planes and power plants, adding to the natural supply of greenhouse gases. The gases, which can stay in the atmosphere for at least fifty years, are building up beyond the Earth's capacity to remove them, creating an extra-thick heat blanket around the Earth. Earths Temperatures increase as the suns rays are trapped in the atmosphere. This heating causes huge climate changes throughout the entire surface. As glaciers melt, the earth begins to heat faster because the white surface no longer reflects the suns rays. Sea level rises, flooding low elevated areas leaving millions of people homeless. Almost a billion people in Asia will be without water because of the ice in the Himalayas dissipating into the atmosphere. These people depend on mountain glaciers melting and refreezing to supply them with water. As carbon dioxide particles per million reach 400, major droughts will strike in places that have never seen dry weather. Temperatures will continue to increase, like they did in 2005; 125 cities in the United States had 10 consecutive days of temperatures beyond 100 degrees. In recent years, the number of major wildfire in the United States has drastically increased. Within the last decade, forty-seven fires have left a trail of destruction for hundreds of miles. Problems of global warming became evident in the 1980’s, when satellite pictures informed scientists of the hole in the ozone layer. The use of cloro floro carbons in aerosol

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