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Interest Groups Over the last 200 years, carbon dioxide levels in the earths atmosphere have risen by about 30 percent, and the average temperature on earth has risen by about 1 degree Fahrenheit. 200 years ago also happens to be around the time that the industrial revolution was just getting started throughout the developed world. The emission of carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere from burning coal, oil and gasoline is believed by many scientists to cause what is called the greenhouse effect, trapping absorbing infrared light from the sun and shielding the heat sent from the earth back into space. Controversy has been surrounding this issue for years and many countries have began to take steps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the biggest being the Kyoto-Protocol. Although we are one of the biggest creators of greenhouse gases, the United States happens to be one of the few countries not in compliance. Global warming can and will affect all human beings. The earth that we all know is based on a balance of elements from the last 4.5 billion years. We have thrown this balance off by raising the carbon dioxide levels so much in such a small amount of time. What we are seeing as a result of this are record high and low temperatures in many parts of the world, record amounts of hurricanes, drought, floods and countless other extremes. The rising temperatures also can have the ability to change the oceans currents, changing established weather patterns and according to some scientists could put us into an ice age. Melting glaciers have the capacity to wipe out miles of coastal areas, and being that the majority of humans live within 20 miles of the coastlines, this would cause untold death and destruction. Why then, with all of this overwhelming evidence slapping us in the face and telling us that we are destroying our home, have we continued to be so relaxed in

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