Global Warming Essay

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Global Warming is an issue that has been argued for a very long time now. Although some of this problem can be credited to it naturally happening through the environment, majority of the warming is caused by humans using too many natural resources. This started as far back as the industrial revolution and has progressively gotten worse over the years. It came with the advances in technology which aim at better efficiency. Although these new technologies made more efficient ways to work, they would create many problems down the road. We are over-using our resources which will cause us to run out of that resource eventually. Also, there are some resources that have a very negative effect on the effect on the environment. A good example of a society over-using their resources are the people of Easter Island. Easter Island is a small island that was colonized by a small group of people in the 19th century. The problem that they had was that they were using their resources too fast and since they were on an island, they had no way to import resources in. One example was the use of trees to create things for everyday use. Deforestation effected them greatly because they needed trees to live their everyday life.1 By clearing out all the trees, the soil quality was reduced, which made it hard to grow food on the island. By losing their resources, they went back to a more primitive lifestyle. They turned to cannibalism and lost all order. This shows that if resources are used up, it is hard to maintain a functioning society. The Industrial Revolution created many problems for the environment. The creation of new technologies that made mass production a lot easier, but in turn messed up the environment. One example is when the mass production of cars started. When the factory production of cars started, there was an increase of carbon emissions. In 1800, the metric

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