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Is global warming due to human actions? Can the human race take action to stop global warming? 1. Introduction a. Thesis: Human action is solely the cause of global warming. 2. General information on global warming 3. Causes a. Deforestation b. Gasoline for transportation c. Chemical fertilizers being used 4. Effects a. Rising sea levels, everywhere b. Crop failure c. Killer storms (hurricanes) d. Extinction of specific species 5. Changes that need to be made by the human race a. Stop pollution b. Rely less on burning fossil fuels c. Use other methods of transportation d. RECYCLE 6. Causes of global warming not due to human action 7. How global warming will change our lives a. Effects lakes, rivers, and even drinking water b. Resources will be cut 8. Revision of the thesis/conclusion a. Human action causing global warming Global Warming SCI207 August 3, 2012 Global Warming Global warming has been an issue for much longer than some may think. It existed long before many of us had even heard of it. What many of us do not realize is that, most of the causes of global warming is due to human causes. In the following essay, we will discuss the many different causes of global warming, as well as some steps the human race can take to help stop global warming. According to The Royal Society’s section on Climate Change, it is certain that increased greenhouse gas emissions from the burning of fossil fuels and from land use change lead to a warming of climate, and it is very likely that these greenhouse gases are the dominant cause of the global warming that has been taking place over the last 50 years (n.a., n.d.). Global warming effects, not only humans, but also agriculture, animal life of all sorts, and water supplies, among other things. It has been part of the political debate for years now and is becoming a bigger

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