Global Warming Essay

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A large majority of Americans said that everyone - companies, political leaders at all levels of government, and individual citizens - should do more to reduce global warming. Lately, many politicians like that of Al Gore have shed light on global warming and its possibilities. More and more celebrities have stressed the importance of going “green”. Overall, I feel that even though there is much work to be done, Americans are being forced to speak more openly about the environment, and the need to take better care of it.The level of coverage that US mass media devoted to global warming "was minimal prior to 1988" but interest increased significantly after the drought of 1988, and related Senate testimony of James E. Hansen "attributing the abnormally hot weather plaguing our nation to global warming". The American public has utilized the usage of Hybrid Cars to help in preserving the environment. Global Warming is something that affects animals, bodies of waters, flooding etc.- all of which are things helping in circulating the circle of life. According to the Russian Analytic Digest, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has made speeches on climate change that sound parallel to those of his Western counterparts. However, despite Medvedev’s call to action, Russia has not been a trailblazer on climate issues; in fact, it has taken either a passive stance or used the issue as leverage in global talks and failed to implement a serious domestic justification or adaptation program at home. Russia has been and continues to be responsible for a large share of cumulative anthropogenic carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Today, Russia is the third largest emitter of carbon dioxide (CO2), post the United States and China. Perhaps more importantly, before the economic crisis hit, Russia’s per

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