Global Warming Essay

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Global warming is caused by the greenhouse effect. There is a small layer of gas which sits above the earths surface and traps the heat to provide earth atmosphere with enough heat for life to survive on earth. The layer of gas consists of CO2, methane, water vapour and nitrous oxide. The sun penetrates this layer of gas, it hits the earth and bounces back out into space and this process continues. This is a natural occurring process and everything is in proportion to be able to function correctly. If the greenhouse effect did not exist this would cause a lot of problems and humans, animals and plants would not be able to survive as it balances out the temperature between hot and cold, without it we would either freeze or burn. The gasses are vital in trapping the correct amount of heat. Unfortunately the amount of gas produced through anthroprogenic (human-induced) and naturally is more that the earth can handle. The extra levels of gas are being released into the atmosphere and is making the thin layer thicker, therefore it is trapping more heat as the sunlight is not able ti bounce back into space, instead it is bounced back into the earths atmosphere therefore casuing the temperature to rise, and casusing it to become warm. This rise in temperature is where the potential problems are occurring according to some scientists who believe there is a problem. “Besides their successful predictons, climate scientists have been assembling body of evidence that has been gowing significantly with each year” Mann said. “Data from tree rings, ice cores, and coral reefs taken with instrumental observations of air and ocean temperatures, sea ice melt and greenhouse gas concentrations have all emerged in support of climate change theory.” HARVARD REFERNCE ABOVE STATEMENT There are a chain of events leading from one thing to another, each event is triggering off

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