Global Warming Essay

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Global Warming Talks of global warming are a forefront in today’s news media, and also a studying point for many high school and college students. If you have not studied or even heard about global warming, then you are most likely not living on planet earth. Consequently, if you are not living on earth then you have not the need to worry about global warming but possibly could be concerned about the increase in craters on your home planet mars. There are many differences between mars and the earth but, the cause of global warming, humans, only reside on the great blue planet. Former vice president Al Gore, who is among a population of activists whose population grows everyday, is trying to make it into the great green planet. However, before a color change can occur, people need to be aware of the facts of global warming and what is causing it scientifically which brings me to my next paragraph. “Global warming started in 2006,” is a common misconception on global warming amongst people who have not read or studied much about it. The year 2006 was important for this issue however, because Al Gore, the unofficial spokesperson of the awareness of global warming, released his information-littered documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth.” In this documentary, Gore, among other things, highlights the history of global warming and what factors are causing it. The scientific consensus is that the increase in atmospheric greenhouse gases due to human activity caused most of the warming observed since the start of the industrial era, and the observed warming cannot be satisfactorily explained by natural causes alone (Gillett et al. 2008). In layman’s terms, human-induced unnatural global warming has been around ever since factories and modes of transportation have been emitting green house gases such as carbon dioxide for about two-hundred years now. Considering that these

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