Global Warming Essay

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Running head: GLOBAL WARMING 1 Global Warming Casandra Dugan McCann School of Business and Technology GLOBAL WARMING 2 Global Warming What most people do not know is that global warming is on the rise, it is a huge debatable and controversial topic. It is even one of the biggest issues we're facing in the world right now today. The topic is mostly talked about in the media and as well as politics, but should be talked to with world. Another thing most people do not know is that we are all contributing to global warming every day, without even realizing. Like driving around and not unplugging appliances that are not in use, also all the trash dumping we do can contribute. The causes of global warming and the effects it has on humanity is astonishing. Global warming is the increase of the atmospheres and oceans average temperature. Some of the causes of global warming are carbon dioxide emissions from power plants and smog from cars burning gasoline. It is said that 33% of the emissions in the United States is from cars and 93% from fossil fuel burning power plants. Even methane emissions from animals is causing some of the global warming. Methane is a very potent and dangerous greenhouse gas which is said to be just as bad as CO2. Deforestation is even a cause to global warming. Our high demand for wood and paper products is causing us to tear down forests and a lot of trees and that’s not good for our planet. The importance for trees and forests is they diminish and store carbon dioxide from our atmosphere, and for us to tear down all these trees is causing large amounts of carbon. The increase on using chemical fertilizers on our crops too is helping the cause. Before the 20th century, we used animal manure as our fertilizer. But as time goes on GLOBAL

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