Global Warming Essay

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There are two opposing viewpoints about the impact Global Warming. This document will discuss these two opposing views. Aside from the opposing viewpoints on the effects of Global Warming, there are arguments on the burden of proof. Has science proven what causes Global Warming? Or does our history prove that Global Warming is just a part of nature? There are arguments on the causes of Global Warming; whether it is caused by humanity or whether it is caused by nature and more important there are arguments about the impact of Global Warming; some believe in positive outcomes and some believe in negative consequences. Is Global Warming really all negative or is it possible that there are benefits from Global Warming? The causes of Global warming have two opposing views. One view is that the earth is heating up due to human activity (Haley, 2004). The concern is that increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are causing global temperatures to have an unprecedented rise and that the world’s governments must take immediate action to limit greenhouse gas emmisions. Burning fossil fuels, cutting down forests, and all sorts of heat trapping gases such as carbon dioxide are thought to be the problem. It is believed that the gases can trap the heat inside the earths atmosphere causing a greenhouse effect and a rise in the average global temperature (Enzler, 2007). The other view is that the earth is warming up naturally (2007). Naturally by our sun from high levels of solar radiation and a growth in its intensity (Noble, 2007). That an increased output from the sun is most likely to blame for 10 to 30 percent of Global Warming and that climate models of Global Warming should be corrected to better account for the changes in solar activity (Britt, 2005). Some believe in a combination between these two viewpoints. Has science proven what causes

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