Global Warming Essay

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II. The Hook- Myths regarding global warming are in fact reality; scientists have proven small percentages, climate changing, and the “hockey-stick” (Petre, pg 20) graph to be incorrect. Climate change has been around for hundreds of years. Until recently scientists have noticed substantial changes within the climate that has become noticeable within the region's weather pattern. These changes are referred to as global warming, or the green house gas effect. Global warming is the gradual increase of the earth’s surface temperature which is thought to be the cause of human activity. A. Christopher C. Horner, the author of the article “Global Warming Is a Myth” has caused people to talk. The article talks about many interesting facts that have been proven as well as myths that are untrue. Horner also discusses how the climate change has always changed from decade after decade, along with the green house gas effect and the myths about global warming. B. Myths concerning global warming are actually untrue. Scientist has established as well as researched the climate changes throughout many years and has proven all myths wrong regarding global warming. Man made global warming does not exist, these myths about manmade global warming are all untrue and the people need to know the truth. C. The climate has always had a mind of its own, if researchers go back 100,000 years ago when the “Ice Age” took place they would find that there were no cars, factories or businesses polluting the air, and trees were still standing. The climate has always changed and has nothing to do with humans polluting the earth. People are getting told incorrect information about their planet. These strange weather patterns have always existed and will continue to occur. D. The greenhouse effect is a naturally occurring process that assists in heating the Earth's surface and atmosphere.

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