Global Warming Essay

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Eight Parts of Speech Yup, it's a drag, but you have to learn the 8 parts of speech to progress to status of "Grammarian". [pic]Adjectives. [pic] Adjectives describe things. You excited yet? Try the test on adjectives. | | |Definition of Adjective | |Adjectives are describing words. Large, grey and friendly are all examples of adjectives. In the examples below, these adjectives| |are used to describe an elephant.  | | | |Examples: | | | |[pic]Large elephant | |[pic]Grey elephant | |[pic]Friendly elephant | |Adjectives Modify Nouns | |The word elephant is a noun. Adjectives are added to nouns to state what kind, what colour, which one or how many. Adjectives are| |said to modify nouns and are necessary to make the meanings of sentences

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