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Many scientists believe that the human race is now involved in an experiment of unprecedented importance to the future life on this planet, involving nothing less than the global climate. Change in global climate may be taking place, mainly because of burning, by humans, of large amounts of fossil fuels- coals, oils and natural gas. When these fuels are consumed, carbon ,which are accumulated in them over millions of years, is released into the atmosphere as a gas, carbon dioxide (Co2). Scientist are in general agreement that Co2 in the earth’s atmosphere has increased significantly since the Industrial Revolution: by about 30% between the mid-1700’s and the present. The increase will cause a warming of the earth’s surface called “global warming” or the “greenhouse effect”. Since Co2 in the atmosphere allows sunlight to reach the earth but traps some of the earth’s heat, preventing it from radiating back into space. Co2 is the largest contributor to possible global warming. There are also other gases that help cause the global warming. In the 1990 under the sponsorship of the United Nations about 400 scientist, contributed material to the most authoritative material on global warming. Things stated in the report were, because of the release of “greenhouse gases” by humans, an increase in the earth’s temperature would occur. The evidence, there is warmer temperature, evidence that over the past century the temperature of the earth has increased about one degree Fahrenheit, also in 1998, we had eight of the ten years warmest years in the previous ten years. Hot and dry weather in recent summers was on of the main causes of so many wildfires burning out of control in the western united states. Also the Artic Zone has been the warmest in the past four centuries. Data from submarines and satellites have shown that the ice sheet over the Artic Ocean

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