Global Warming Essay

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Global warming can be defined as a substantial increase of air temperatures near the ocean's and earth's surface. These increases in temperature of the air near the earth's and the ocean's surface, was first observed in the 20th century. The 20th century researchers and scholars, associated or rather attributed global warming to an increase in greenhouse gases in the environment due to an increase in the overall human activities across the globe. For instance, this century experienced a lot of industrial activities whose major waste products was carbon dioxide since most of these industries used coal as a source of energy for their activities (Gore 8).The effects of global warming across the globe have arguably been cited as a serious threat to the existence of life on the planet earth. Scientists argue that there is need for the current trends on global warming to be reversed if there is hope of life on earth in future. However, it is important to note that this is not the only argument that has been presented on global warming in the past. Skeptics of global warming argue that there are various advantages that are derived from global warming. In addition, these skeptics have continued to argue that there is nothing that can threaten life on earth, citing the recent whether patterns in parts of the United States and other regions across the world as indicators of little or no change in climate due to global warming (Revkin 2009).In other words, these skeptics propose that heavy rains and storms in the recent past cannot be utilized or rather used as an indicator that the effects of global warming have began manifesting themselves across the globe. Whether the scientists are right in their predictions or the dismissal of global warming as a global by the skeptics is the reality, the fact remains that global warming is an issue that needs to be considered at length.

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