Global Warming Essay

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Global Warming British Columbia’s own famous environmentalist, David Suzuki said, “we are upsetting the atmosphere upon which all life depends. In the late '80s when I began to take climate change seriously, we referred to global warming as a "slowmotion catastrophe" one we expected to kick in perhaps generations later. Instead, the signs of change have accelerated alarmingly. The terrible part of this looming catastrophe is that people have been working on solutions for years and have developed concrete steps to massively reduce our energy use, while stimulating whole new industries and technologies that are more efficient and affordable. The major concern arising from the climate change issue is the impact it may have on our environment, our economy, and therefore, on the way we live both now and in the future. In Canada, we are accustomed to dealing with variations in climate both geographically and seasonally across the country. These variations have many impacts that can reverberate through natural and man-made systems, including water resources, vegetation and wildlife, agricultural practice, forestry and fisheries, energy supply and demand, buildings and roads, recreation and tourism, the insurance industry, and human health. At present, there are many good examples of our ability to adapt to the range of climate conditions which we both collectively in our economy and as individuals in our everyday life are used to facing. If we depend upon wildlife species for sustenance, we follow them when migratory routes change; we plant different types of crops in different locations at different times of the year; we construct roads and buildings using designs that are compatible with ground that may or may not be characterized by permafrost or with differing snow and wind loads; we build ships and other marine platforms capable of

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