Global Warming Essay

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Global Warming In Canada Global warming has become one of Canada’s popular topics of debate. With the effects on the people and the world, it is a case that needs to be addressed rapidly. This ongoing issue of global warming is a matter that is in dire need of change. Through this climate change, our country and people have endured a lot of economical, environmental and health problems throughout the country. These major themes of Global warming have caused distress on our country, and without change, Canada and the world will slowly become nothing. Global warming is defined by the encyclopedia of Earth as it “refers to the documented historical warming of the Earth's surface based upon worldwide temperature records that have been maintained by humans since the 1880s.” (Global Warming). Global warming is negatively effecting the aspects of all Canadian’s lives, as a result a change needs to be made. Global warming occurs because we are spewing emission gases into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels. These gases, with carbon dioxide being the main culprit, prevent solar heat from escaping the earth’s atmosphere, resulting in a rise in temperature, or the greenhouse effect. Already scientists around the world are detecting the numerous and dangerous effects of global warming (Johnson 18). Through these different leaks and spills our Canadian environment is slowly being negatively effected. The impacts of global warming on the Canadian environment are immense. Some of these impacts include ice bridges melting, and will have to be replaced with traditional building materials. Ice bridge engineers will have to discard their ice chisels and saws in favour of wood chisels and saws. Thousands of snowmobile retail outlets will be forced to close, especially in the larger cities of Vancouver, Toronto, and Spuzzum. The Great Ice Cities of Iqaluit and Tuktuyuktuk will

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