Global Warming Essay

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Mark Mohamed May- 11-2011 Professor Davis Adv. Composition Crisis? Or Not? Global warming is an issue that threatens the world. Crisis or Not. This problem is an increase in the earth’s temperature due to fossil fuels, industries, agricultural, and man- made causes, which result in the release of greenhouse gases. There are many problems that are causing global warming, and if they are not taken seriously or at least prevented there are going to be some severe issues in the near future. Most of the global warming in today’s world and atmosphere is due to humans such as when we are burning gases all day long, driving a car, using aerosol can and other simple/daily errands. Global dependence on these fuels and the concentration of supplies in a limited number of countries mean that energy is a national security issue, and these resources are associated with “ geo- strategic pressure, instability, and vulnerability, including for our U.S. military troops”, which is literally how today’s world runs using these few items and there are many more that are unnamed. According to Center For a New American Security ”With the world than 80 percent dependent on oil, coal and natural gas to fuel vehicles, light/heat homes, and drive industry and agriculture, energy is essential for all aspects of human life” GLOBAL WARMING IS A CRISIS, and if we don’t fix this crisis all of these extra amenities we have and enjoy are going to become a delicacy in the near future if we don’t change our life style soon. “Changes in global temperature are natural. In fact, much of the recent severe weather has been directly attributed to a natural phenomenon that occurs every so often call El Nino. It causes ocean temperatures to rise as tropical trade winds actually reverse for a time. The resulting temperature changes cause severe storms, flooding, and even droughts on every continent

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