Global Warming Essay

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Nothing truly effective is being done to improve Global warming? Global Warming. The problem is big. The solutions are scarce and the effort is just not enough. This nightmare began years ago when industry was thriving and wealth among the population began to grow. But with is also grew the insatiable thirst for a higher class of life. More basic resources were needed to keep both households and businesses running and there was only one place where these resources seemed to come easily; our planet earth. But the people of the world seemed to be so caught up in their own life that they are oblivious to the fact that soon they would have to pay for what they took. Now we face a battle to save our earth from the greenhouse effect. So far much is being done in effort of saving the earth but it is just not enough! The earth’s temperature has dramatically risen over the last 12 years and all we have done so far is raise awareness of the issue and come up with hypothetical solutions of what to do. The facts are the nothing truly effective are being done to improve global warming. From what is being portrayed by the media things just seem to be getting worse. Many of us use things like cars, heaters, air conditioners, stoves and televisions; there is no problem in this. Unfortunately these days we seem to be NEEDING these appliances rather than just wanting them. Human activities and our over usage of the earths resources have driven us to a dead end, with almost no way out. Global warming is the predicted warming of the earth’s atmosphere caused by carbon dioxide and other gases. These gases, carbon dioxide nitrous oxide and methane are otherwise known as “greenhouse gases” which lead to the “greenhouse effect”; heat being trapped on the earth’s surface. This is all being caused by the burning of fossil fuels which are used in human industry and come from the

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