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Jessica Lonsdale Travis Baran English 112 February 25, 2010 2011: Salting Last of the Ice The extinction of polar bears, melting of Earth’s glaciers, flooding of the earth are all well known fears associated with the thoughts of global warming. Global warming has been an important issue in society today as people look for proof and disproof of its occurrence. The truth is that global warming is already occurring daily. It is shown through the earth’s record breaking droughts, hurricanes, and sea levels. Although many are skeptical of facts put before them, global warming will climax in the year 2100 because of the high carbon-dioxide concentration, the record breaking weather, and melting of glaciers in the Arctic. The year 2100 is repeatedly mentioned in scientific predictions through varying sources. Rising sea levels is an important issue predicted to be a problem in 2100. According to Mark Henderson, Science Correspondent of the UK Times, “The first study to combine computer models of rising temperatures with records of the ancient climate has indicated that sea levels could rise by up to 20ft (6m) by 2100 (Henderson p.1).” This would flood countries in the northern hemisphere of the globe causing panic and chaos. The flooded areas would destroy crops and leave many people homeless. David Battisti, a climatologist at the University of Washington, used 23 models vetted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to calculate how temperatures will vary with climate change (Brahic p.3). “The models suggest that the heat wave which struck Europe in 2003, killing 52,000 people, will become the norm by 2080” (Brahic p.9). Heat waves in 2100 will be devastating; taking out large numbers of human population at a time. Heat waves aren’t the only deadly effect of global warming; hurricanes, flooding, and drought will take its toll as well. NASA also has

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