Global Virtual Teams Essay

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How well has James managed his global team? James could have applied the Dynamic Complexity multiplier effect which is comprised of: Multiplicity x Interdependence x Ambiguity.1 When managers have the capacity to think across cultures and contexts and make decisions based on that analysis, they can use the variety and resources within the firm to respond to threats and opportunities in the environment. He also could have a more effective chain of command & protocol procedures during critical issues. “International assignments are important tools for the coordination and integration of organizational resources which are essential activities for successful strategy implementation in geographically dispersed companies embedded in differing cultural environments. Although it is true that numerous electronic communication and data processing system options allow the creation of sophisticated enterprise information systems to coordinate dispersed operations and the activities of suppliers and customers, cultural nuances of information that provide the deepest comprehension of market - specific knowledge may not be transferable electronically. As we watched in the video by Martha Maznevski “Leading Across Distance”2. emphasized tacit knowledge, which is deep-rooted and usually not codified, explains the most important nuances of operations in a particular cultural context. This knowledge is acquired experientially and must be shared through face - to - face interactions. Firms gain sustainable competitive advantage from executives acquiring experiences and lessons that are held as tacit knowledge and then shared across the organization.” I do believe James made a wise decision to go for face-to-face meetings: develops trust so people will speak about issues that are really occurring versus it being emailed. Another item that James used to minimize operational

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