Global Terrorism Essay

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Govt 2302 J Price “Is Democracy the Answer to Global Terrorism?” In our world, the scary thought of global terrorism is a huge threat to all continents, which raises the question: What is the answer to global terrorism? Our eyes were brought to the light of this reality on September 11, 2001. Global terrorism now exists in our own backyard. In “Taking Sides,” former President George Bush and political scientist Gregory Gause have responded to this question with different views. Bush feels that the answer to global terrorism is, in fact, democracy. However, Gause argues that there is no relationship between terrorism emanating from a country and the extent to which democracy is enjoyed by its citizens. While both Bush and Gause express their stances by providing concrete facts, and varied opinions, it is imperative that people should lean towards one side or the other because that’s human nature. Bush entertains the idea that we are at a time “when the defense of freedom requires the advance of freedom.” Bush further expresses his ideas by talking of when our country utilized time for reflection on our great nation. Sadly, Bush, like most of the US citizens, realized that we did not begin reflecting on the ways of our nation until we were forced to . However, the first time we look at our nation, the lesson of Pearl Harbor. This made us look at our own survival. The second time we took a deep look at our nation was when the planes struck the twin towers on September 11, 2001. At this point, we learned of future potential dangers that could come about if we did not continue to seek a free nation. Bush also explains how the “authoritarian rule” is not the new way of approach; it is the basically in the past. Bush uses the Middle East as a prime example of why democracy for every nation is the best system everyone should work towards.
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