Global Technology Within Wal-Mart Essay

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Globalization and Technology within Wal-Mart Lakeshia Fuller September 9,2012 Mgt/230 Nick Bertoni Globalization Wal-Mart is a retailer that service customers globally every day. They try their hardest to meet each customer needs by keeping their shelves stock with what the customer really want. Wal-Mart has also become the national commons. Most likely every seven days more than one hundred million US shopper shop at Wal-Mart. Every year, and around by ninety-five percent of American households shop at least once at Wal-Mart. As said by, (Perry, 2009) Wal-Mart grew from 1 store in 1962 to 8,000 stores worldwide 47 years later (2009), for an annual compounded growth rate in new Wal-Mart stores of 21.1%. Wal-Mart has a focus and it is based on strategies which are four and the main one is being global. Wal-Mart is a monophony in relation to the supply chain that is, it is the overwhelmingly dominant market for the manufacturers’ products for many, it is the only retail outlet. It shapes the structure and location of manufacturers, forcing them into the same low-wage, low-cost system as the retailer. It dominates supplier production and logistics (Rosenfeld, 2007). Within Wal-Mart it have three belief of their companies, which is respect their individuals, service their customers with pride and striving for excellence of their well being. Technology In 1975 with more than 125 stores and $340.3 million in sales, Wal-Mart leases an IBM 370/135 computer system to maintain inventory control for all merchandise in the warehouse and distribution centers and to prepare income statements for each store (Wailgum, 2007).In 1987 Wal-Mart completes what is at the time the largest private satellite communication system in the United States. It links all operating units of company and headquarters with two-way voice, data and one-way video communication Wailgum, 2007).

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