Global Supply Chain Essay

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Global Supply Chain Strategies and Practices: Synthesis from Literature H. W. Ibrahim1, S. Zailani2 1 School of Management, Graduate School of Business, Universiti Sains Malaysia 11800, Penang, Malaysia Email:, significant changes in running their global supply chain operations [12]. Globalization has restructured the business world and introduced the concept of a global supply chain. Large and small companies alike have expanded opportunities to sell internationally and source from lowcost countries [13]. To respond to new market trends and demands, companies are pursuing a set of strategies that are common among major firms. The most related strategy is the implementation of a global perspective in their supply chain operations [14]. In order to meet the challenges of an accelerated global economy, global supply chains have become a key component towards competitiveness and many industries have implemented global supply chains including those in the coffee industry [15]. On the same note, [16] stressed that the best strategies of the global supply chain in the coffee industry typically enhance a significant performance. A well-executed supply chain strategy results in value creation for the organization. To be successful in the coffee global supply chain, excellent strategies for implementing global supply chain practices are required. In relation to global supply chain strategies, few studies have been done in this area. [17] supported that the global supply chain strategies still lack substantial evidence in the literature. The few empirical studies that investigate the strategies for the global supply chain were found to have inconsistent findings. For instance, the studies by [18], [19], [20], [21], and [22] have suggested different strategies for the global supply chain, such as lean supply chain, efficient supply

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