Global Sports Marketing: Puma Essay

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Marketing Report Introduction: Marketing, according to the Chartered Institute of Marketing, is the management process which is responsible for anticipating, identifying and satisfying the requirements of the customer profitably (CIM: As per the definition given by Kotler and Armstrong (2013), marketing is a managerial and social process through which groups as well as individuals get what they need through the process of creating and exchanging with others products and their value. As per this definition the customers exchange what they value that is money for products or services which they feel will satisfy their needs and wants fully. Therefore, it becomes clear that greater the benefit an organization provides the customers through their products or services higher the transactional value or money they can charge from the customers. And in the process of catering to the customers’ need an organization meets its marketing objectives, goals and targets. Having discussed what marketing is this report goes on to analyse the marketing strategies followed by PUMA, a sports brand, and how that strategy endorses and enhances the brand image and brand value of PUMA on the basis of market segmentation, product targeting and positioning. In the process, the report analyses both the internal and external aspects of the market environment that PUMA operates in with the help of the SWOT and SLEPT analysis of the company in question. The report also talks about the marketing mix employed by PUMA and the role marketing plays in the strategic management of the brand. The report concludes giving recommendations that will further improve PUMA’s brand value. Sports Marketing and PUMA: The process of designing and implementing such activities with an aim to produce, price, promote and distribute a sport product that would satisfy the needs and desire of the
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