Global Risk Mgt Essay

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1 Global Financial Risk Management in the Eyes of the Credit Squeeze Business Intelligence & Quantitative Modelling Research Group, Faculty of Arts, Computing, Engineering & Sciences, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield S1 1WB, United Kingdom Abstract financial investments are also provided. Key words: Quantitative risk management, derivatives, mathematical modelling/simulation, stochastic processes, bank financial management 1. Introduction We aim in this introduction to reiterate and justify the key ideas stated in the abstract to this paper and provide a roadmap to the paper, noting that the scope of the paper is too broad to be accommodated effectively in a single piece. We have therefore arranged the mosaic of ideas as a paper system made up of three parts. Part I is a depository of the literature in which the dominant issues are stated and explored; Part II leans on Part I to illustrate the affect of the credit crisis on firm-level (essentially micro-economic) investment decisions, and also to offer possible solutions (ways out of the crisis). Part III is a rejoinder to Professor Soludo’s recently presented inaugural lecture (as a professor of economics) at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, which enables us to develop complementary policy-level (essentially macro-economic) solutions – the term solutions is our shorthand for research agenda and overall action plans for managing the crisis. Starting from the abstract, we have attempted to improve readability of this paper system by highlighting in bold italics the key concepts involved, you will notice that the presentation of the paper(s) is anchored on these concepts, for economy of space and succinctness of the message. We have stated in the abstract that the impact of the financial crisis, though global, is regionally differentiated among different types of markets – emerging
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