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Global Marketing Ethics Essay

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Ethics is a branch of philosophy that studies morals and values and is concerned with the differences between right and wrong however there is no universal definition to define marketing ethics.   Many values, morals and ethical rules depend on cultures and societies. Descriptive ethics describe the values and moral reasoning of individuals and groups while normative ethics seeks to answer general moral questions. There is divergent views on whether ethics can be applied to the business environment and to the world of business.   One extreme view which resonates, the only entities who can have responsibilities are individuals a business cannot have responsibilities (Freidman,1998).   He further added that corporate executives responsibility generally will be to make as much money as possible while confirming to their basic rules of society both those embodied in law and those embodied in ethical custom.
The expansion of world trade in terms of exports and foreign direct investment have created a global economy,   this has been facilitated by technological improvements in transportation, communication and information processing and the internet.   The development of globalisation is now a reality, multinational enterprises (MNC) operating in a global economy face   many ethical issues.
In the   area of pricing , ethical issues have arisen with respect of transfer pricing and dumping .   ( Burgess et al.,2008) defines transfer pricing as   the price charged for intercompany goods and services transferred from one division to another of the same division.   Companies can benefit from transfer pricing in terms of increase profits.   When the divisions of the company is located in different countries then the process is more complicated.   Multinational companies may use transfer pricing to shift costs to light tax countries by doing this they are shifting revenues to low tax countries thus the transfer price   would be the price that the parent   (selling) divisions charges the...

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