Global Market Research (Walt Disney) Essay

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Global Market Research Team: 8 Appendix 1: The Report Outline I. Introduction 1.1 The Purpose and Scope of the Study Walt Disney Attractions is looking to find the next potential country for a new Disneyland theme park to help expand their company globally. Walt Disney Attractions has selected three possible markets for the development: Malaysia, Australia, and Canada. Acme’s objective is to conduct a research and to provide an analysis with consideration to the commercial viability of each of the three possible countries. Acme Research Company will then propose the strongest candidate for the next Disneyland theme park. 1.2 Executive Summary Walt Disney Attractions is currently operating two theme parks in the U.S., and one in Japan, France, and Hong Kong. Walt Disney Attractions aims to open up a sixth theme park in order to expand. As requested, Acme Research Company analyzed the following countries: Malaysia, Australia, and Canada. With respect to this research, Acme used three key indicators to help determine which country is the best candidate to develop a new Disneyland theme park. The three indicators are: • Gross National Income (GNI) per capita Atlas method (current USD) • International Tourism Arrivals • International Tourism Expenditure (current USD) The data gathered for these indicators was conducted by using secondary resources. For all three indicators; Canada had the highest total composite country score compared to Australia and Malaysia. Hence, it is recommended that Canada would be the best candidate in contributing to the growth of WDA. 1.3 Research Methodology For this global research project, secondary resources were used to collect all the necessary data. The only limitations to the data

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