Global Leadership of Carlos Ghosn

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Global leadership of Carlos Ghosn Name Course Instructor Institution Date of Submission Global leadership of Carlos Ghosn Leaders have duty to help themselves and also make other people do things the right way. Although leaders give directions but they also use management skills more efficiently as a guide (Millikin, & Fu, 2005). Carlos Ghosn is a kind of leader who is well conversant with various types of people’s emotions, and therefore, he uses his understanding of emotion to communicate clearly the message of change. Earlier on when Ghosn got the position of Chief Operating Officer of Nissan, the industry analysts had confidence in him although they expected a culture clash since he was non-Japanese. However, the culture clash was expected to be between the French way of leadership and his new Japanese employees. The Japanese were conservative and this made Ghosn to accept their culture and operate their way. The financial situations at Nissan forced the management to bring Ghosn so that he could make some difference. Supporters and critics built confidence in Ghosn in circumstances when Nissan had a lot of losses that led to more debts of about $22 billion. The situation led to consumers developing a weakened mind about the brand of Nissan (Millikin, & Fu, 2005). Also, the products’ portfolio consisted fully of older models than what the other competitors had. It was for Ghosn to understand the atmosphere and use it to bring change to the company. Ghosn instilled fear into people by declaring his wish to step down in case Nissan fails to meet the target. Happiness was felt after just eighteen months in charge, and it led to shock to both supporters critics when Nissan started to make profit. The people around Ghosn started to practice transparency since they believed what the leader says, and also think is right. The owners of

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