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Global Issues Essay

  • Submitted by: kwdkool
  • on April 6, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Global Issues
There seems to be a general consensus that the rules dealing with the environment, the issues with hunger,   and the issues related to health are not working
and are still a problem today.   The problem is that while these problems are still going on, nobody is really doing anything.   People have become lazy and have the mentality that nothing is their problem.   Issues dealing with the environment need to be dealt with now. Not in a few years, but now.   There have been attempts to help issues such as global warming, but nothing is happening and nothing will happen unless we do something drastic. Environmental issues are a high priority because if we don’t solve the problem then it is only a matter of time before the human race ceases to exist. It is our fault that our environment is in bad condition and it is our responsibility to fix it.
A second issue that is important and has been around for a while is the problems with world hunger. World hunger is a bigger problem than most people realize. In the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America there are over five hundred million people living in extreme poverty. The problem is not just in foreign countries or poor countries either; it is also a problem in the United States as well. One out of eight children under the age of twelve in the United States goes to bed hungry every night. This is a major problem because there are many ways to solve this issue, yet there is hardly anything being done.
The last major issue is health and how many people cannot get access to health care. Although there have been many improvements in health, there are still many problems that should have been easy to fix, but now the numbers are growing. Around one billion people do not have access to seek health care. Because of this, many people have died form illnesses that could have been easily treated. Unfortunately, the statistics that show all of these deaths are still not enough for people to do anything about...

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