Global Interactions Essay

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Global interactions can be defined as . culture is defined as the total of the inherited ideas, beliefs, values and knowledge which constitute the shared basis of social action. In other words culture is a way of life of a particular society or groups of people. Culture is necessary as it gives people a sense of identity and belongingness through cultural traits such as language, customs, beliefs, dressing, music, food and technology. The growth of globalization through improvements in ICT and transport and communication has enabled people to learn more about different cultures around the globe. This has resulted in both positive and negative impacts. These impacts of globalization on a particular culture often result in assimilation, acculturation and auturkism. Assimilation is when a culture loses its original traits because it is overwhelmed by a more dominant culture. Acculturation is when one group assumes the traits of others but continues to retain some of its own traits resulting in cultural hybridity and glocalization. Auturkism is the rejection of other cultures. In this essay I intend to discuss the positive and negative impacts of globalization on culture. This has also encouraged cultural diffusion which is the process of spreading of cultural traits from one place to another resulting in cultural hybridity in a particular place. Globalization has opened new opportunities for tourism development. It has facilitated growth in tourism through developments in electronic technology, communication, and transportation. The improvements in transport system, rise in income, increase in the standard of leaving and more leisure time have resulted to an increase in the number of international tourists. Also the spread of information technology has improved the efficiency of the tourism industry, its operations as well as the quality of services provided to
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