Global Interaction Essay

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Musa usman ESSAY ABOUT GLOBAL INTERACTION The early modern period focuses on new patterns of trade and new exchanges along with new spurt of empire formation from several sources. A lot of blending between cultures. During global interaction the world economy was based on silver. In which china demanded before trading with any one. And also the same silver connected the world together. In all part of the world changes were happening. The ottomans concord Constantinople, Spain concord the Americas all this caused changes. During global interaction changes were made in different part of the globe. For example during Columbian exchange new ideas emerged like architecture blending in churches the native put some there symbols in the Catholic Church they built. New racial people were created such as the mulatos, mestizos because of interaction between the Spanish, Africans and the natives. New foods were created. After the Spanish conquest the Spanish tried to enforce their religion on the natives but the natives did not have any other choice. The Ottoman Empire was an empire which believed in business and also didn’t believe in racial hierarchy unlike the Spanish. The Ottoman Empire is an Islam country which always wanted to take over Constantinople. Which later became successful under the command of 21-year-old Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II, against the defending army commanded by Byzantine Emperor Constantine XI Palaiologos. The siege lasted from Friday, 6 April 1453 until Tuesday, 29 May 1453 according to the Julian calendar, when the city fell and was finally conquered by the ottomans. It was renamed and called Istanbul. After the conquest they were lot of changes made in Constantinople, Ayah Sofia was turned to a mosque the building was a blending between
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