Global Hunger Essay

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Ending Global Hunger Wayne Adams SCI 207 Instructor Qing Yan October 29, 2012 Ending Global Hunger In this paper, I will discuss the issues surrounding global hunger. I will examine the effects of genetically engineered foods, overpopulation, industrialization, and how government policies affect access to food. I will explore how the conduct of human behaviors in industrialized countries, as it relates to food consumption, and how it contributes to attitudes of people in third world countries. To answer the question “is genetic engineering the answer to ending global hunger?” In the short term, genetically engineered food may be able to slow the alarming rate of global hunger; however, I will show that genetically engineered food is a limited and a small scale venture that will only benefit certain parts of the world population, thus having a limited effect on global hunger. Instead I propose that a combination of initiatives will lead to a more comprehensive and effective resolution of global hunger. The process of genetically engineering food involves the ‘science of genetically modified plants and animals by selecting individual genes that carry desirable traits such as those resistant to a pest or disease, from one organism, and inserting them into another, sometimes very different organism, that can be raised for food, fiber, pharmaceutical, or industrial uses.’ (Turk and Bensel, 2011, chap 3.3). With such a technology in place, it elicits exciting and tantalizing thoughts around the elimination of of hunger around on a global level. But is this a practical or ideological fantasy? Though this process can allow for the massive growth of several crops and livestock, this will only benefit a small group of people, primarily in certain parts of the world. Looking at the variety of foods grown, produced and eaten across the world and the limited types and

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