Global History Spartan Women Essay

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Charlie Zoller Global History 1 Paper #2 In the Ancient Greek world the positions and roles of each gender were typically standard throughout Ancient times. The majority of the societies in the Ancient times were patriarchal. The majority of the law codes said what people can, and cannot do were exceptionally tedious, and very unforgiving if one were to violate the law, especially if that person were to be a woman. A vast amount of these law codes restricted women from doing many things, but there were a couple laws that helped women that were wrongly accused, and a few laws that helped women with property rights. However, between the Ancient Athenians, and the Romans, slaves had no rights, women were limited in their actions, and man reigned supreme. There are many similarities and many differences between the law codes in Ancient Greece. Spartan women were treated much differently than the women in Athens. The Spartan women were actually somewhat respected for the tasks they performed. Spartan law played a very big role in ancient Rome. The women of Sparta were taught how to write, read, and even defend themselves. The main expectation that the men of Sparta looked for in a woman was to bear strong children for their husbands, and army. The Spartan women were trained in different ways than the Athenian women were trained. Spartan women were trained to do athletic events such as racing, and throwing discus and Javelins. The law code for Spartan women was very fair to them if they had just followed a few certain rules. The rules laid upon them basically stated do not commit adultery, and do not be caught drinking, because both of these rules were punishable by death. However, some of the

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