Global Grass Is Always Greener Essay

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[This is a joke text. It is in no way representative of my work. I will add something later, that will be more reflective of my current work. This was written 6 years ago, and has not been edited, thought through, etc. for a better look at my work, please visit, Thank you.] ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// The global grass is always greener. Wherever you go, there is going to be a give/take. As an American from Washington DC, I lived in Paris and NYC for a time, traveled extensively (Europe, Turkey, Greece, Morocco), and have been living in Curitiba, Brazil for the past 5 years. My wife is Brazilian and we are keen to make a temporary relocation, to work/study either in USA or EU. We have our own design company so we can work remotely from anywhere with fast internet. We are asking the same questions, where will we find the best balance? Interesting culture, quality of life / work opportunities and a dose of hustle bustle? I left DC because I felt that things were getting way too expensive and that the city is intrinsically conservative for the creative field. I had a DC client that passed out on the sidewalk because he was working too much and forgot to eat, drink and sleep. No thank you! I felt rather disenfranchised with the American dream, and every time that I go back to visit, I feel a strong sense of culture shock. The huge portions, SUVs and ring around the belly just keep getting bigger. Consumption is stratospheric, and we risk a recession in our economy if Americans started saving their earnings again. The American people work so much, if asked if we want more money or more vacation, we always choose more $. In Brazil, things are quite different. There is a general relaxed feeling, things are much more flexible, not always in a good way, but as an American it has opened

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