Global Financial Crisis Essay

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Custom Global Financial Crisis essay paper writing service Buy Global Financial Crisis essay paper online Introduction A financial crisis can be described as situations that are experienced by financial institutions and assets whereby they experience a loss of value suddenly. It is easier to notice different businesses and organizations across the globe that has faced different financial crisis situations. Whereas financial crisis is common among businesses and organizations, different economies across the globe do experience this crisis. With this in mind, the 21st century experienced one of the worst financial crises since 1930s that was named the great depression. It is important to understand the fact the recent financial crisis began in the United States and spread across Europe and to other parts of the world such as Asia and Africa. Notably, understanding the existence of a financial crisis alone does not help in any way. One need to understand the causes of this crisis too in order to be in a position of formulating appropriate measures that could then be applied to deal with future challenges. With this in mind, there are different reasons or rather causes of the recent financial crisis that have been cited by scholars and researchers. Research Findings and Discussion To begin with, it was found out that the bust and boom in the housing market was one of the reasons why there was global financial crisis across the globe. Remarkably, there were low interest rates across the United States that spurred foreign funds inflow (Kunreuther and Useem 157). More Important is the fact that this inflow of funds created an environment whereby lending conditions were lessened. As a result, most American obtained their home on debt while other ventured into mortgage business. However, along the way, due to a high supply of houses, there was a drastic reduction in

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