Global Expansion or Business as Usual?

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Global Expansion or Business as Usual? Audiotech Electronics is a family owned company. It’s main purpose is to produce control consoles for television and recording studios. This company is involved in every step of the creating the control consoles. They design the systems and install the circuits in the computer boards. The business also creates and paints the metal cases that become the covers for the consoles. The company’s product is used by all the major cable networks and broadcasts. They are now marketing a new product, which will let television reporters hear and communicate with each other in different geographic locations at the same time. Audiotech Electronics have become very successful in meeting the demands the customer’s request efficiently. They are now functioning in a 35,000-square-foot factory with 75 employees. With the very high demand the company has had in their products, here in the United States, they are thinking that maybe they should expand globally. They need to research the demand of control consoles around the world and if it is something that other countries will want and in return demand the product Audiotech Electronics is marketing. The company will need to come up with a marketing strategy to bring the product to the forefront where everyone will be aware of it. The company will need to study and look into the laws of De Leon 2 dealing with foreign countries. Another possibility might be to look into a partnership with a company that has already expanded globally. In order for Audiotech Electronics to Market their product they might want to contract a company like Mintel. Mintel leads the market in obtaining information and analyzing in market research. The company experts brief Audiotech Electronics so they will be able to understand the market where their product will be in. They research the

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