Global Energy Essay

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The flip of a switch, the charging of a phone, giant windmills turning with the wind, these are all examples of the use and production of energy. Except when we charge our phones or turn on that switch do we think of where that energy comes from? I mean most of us are aware that our energy is produced in a power plant of some sorts, but do you ever really stop to think about where the fuel sources come from, how much they cost, or if we need to be thinking of other fuel sources down the road? This semester in Agronomy 350 I chose to complete my scrapbook over global energy, and I’m glad I did because I gained a lot of new and valuable information. The reasons for my choice were because energy and energy production are always hot topics in the media, it affects everyone around the world, and scientists are always looking for new energy sources to use. Your first question might be what our main energy sources are and who supplies most of the world’s energy? The answer to this question is kind of complicated because the leader in the world energy supply is constantly changing. This question also depends upon what kind of energy you are talking about. There are suppliers of wind energy, coal, oil, etc. You can probably see how this would be a difficult question to answer, however there are leaders around the world in specific areas of energy production. The U.K. and China seem to be pulling ahead of the crowd when it comes to wind energy production. This is quite a benefit to both of these countries because wind energy is a renewable source of energy which reduces the amount of CO2 or greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere. There are many countries which lead in oil production just to name a few there is Saudi Arabia, Canada, and Iraq. Although oil is not a renewable resource these countries still play a crucial role in world energy production. This is because many other
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