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Global Cooperation Institution: Name: Instructor: Date: Global Cooperation Introduction The world seems like a global village in this globalization era. International cooperation has since appeared to be taking an important role in dealing with the current conditions in the world. Global cooperation as it is clearly stated by the two forming words (global and cooperation) is an event of coming together of several world countries to accomplish important missions. The mission of the global cooperation, therefore, is of wide range and it includes crucial issues such as poverty, the environment, disease, poverty, economic crisis, and natural calamities such as floods and earth quakes among many. This paper examines why global cooperation is important, and as it appears there are several factors that make global cooperation an important aspect, but the idea of disease management and eradication has been discussed in this paper. Body Global cooperation as it is commonly known is the idea of coming together of several global countries and more so bodies in dealing with issues facing the globe, an area of the globe such as a continent and even an individual country. So far, several global organizations have been conjointly formed so as to aid in the execution of the main agendas that would have otherwise been impossible for a single country to accomplish. When it comes to disease eradication and management global bodies have been seen being active and effective contributors. In the past, treatment and management of some of the diseases came as a night mere. The underdeveloped and the developing countries were the most affected by lack of proper medication and even lack of funding would even make it worse. Management of HIV Aids in the past was really a tough task for the developing countries to undertake; other chronic diseases

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