Global Climate Change Essay

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1. Introduction In the Ages Where world create itself there was no any living creature in the world. It was full of volcanoes, Dust, and heat. There was no proper climate to creatures or plant exists in the world. But over the billions of years’ time the Climate get change, which result more appropriate atmosphere to live the creatures. In the above paragraph say climate change happen over the beginning of the earth. So it is natural process how does it result a problem why people much concern and fear for it, if it is a normal scenario of evaluation of the earth. Yes, it has reason to fear. The reason is the speed of the change in global climate significantly increased during the last few decades. Exhibit 1 and 2 is showing these rapid changes. That change adversely affect existence of the humans. Sorry not only human but existence of the other living thing and world itself. In this essay discuss what global climate change is and its impact to the world, reason to such climate changes, and ethical business leader’s responsibility towards the climate change. Global climate change mean a change in the world, climate (, 2013) Climate change is any malty decadal or longer alteration in one or more physical, chemical, or biological component of the climate system. (, 2010) climate change mean a change of climate which is attributed directly or indirectly of human activity that alter the compassion of the global atmosphere and which is in addition to the add nature climate variability observed over the comparable time period the (The United Nation’s Framework Convention on Climate Change,1994) Global Warming and Global climate changes concept are more interrelated and use interchangeably in sometimes. Global warming means the increase in the world’s annual average temperature. Global warming is one part or

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