Global Business Cultural Analysis - Brazil

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Liberty University | Global Business Cultural Analysis - Brazil | Diana Wade | Honor CodeI have neither given nor received any assistance on this assignment that has not been disclosed in the document submitted. I have not violated nor observed any violations of the Liberty University Honor Code as it applies to this assignment.Signed: Diana C. Wade | Abstract This study analyzes the country of Brazil and the potential to conduct international business affairs and expand globally. Research conducted for the purpose of this paper includes the major elements and dimensions of culture; how those elements and dimensions are integrated by the locals conducting business in Brazil; how these cultures and dimensions compare with U.S. cultures and businesses; and what implications there may be for U.S. businesses with a desire to do business with Brazil. Other items researched include international relationships, political systems, office structure, business risk and impact of global expansion. Major Elements and Dimensions of Culture in Brazil Brazil has the largest economy in Latin America and the ninth largest economy in the world. It also has the largest population and geographic size in Latin America and fifth in the world, coming in behind Russia, Canada, China, and the United States. While Brazil has had modest growth in comparison to the other BRIC countries, it is a good choice for expanding a U.S. business. Communication Verbal versus non-verbal. Brazil is very unique in how they communicate both verbally and non-verbally. The concept of personal space is very close in comparison to the United States. While the average workspace distance in the U.S. is about an arm’s length, it is about three to four inches closer in Brazilian culture. Touch is also a very important concept in Brazil. Typically, men and women greet each other

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