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Running Head: GROBAL WARMING Global Warming: Fact or Fiction 1. Background of Global Warming “Global Warming” refers to an increase in the world atmosphere temperatures that may be caused by excess of greenhouses gases. In other words, the earth surface temperatures increases by human activities that releases the greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane etc in the atmosphere. According to the scientists, green house effect is a complicated process, when the sun ray’s hit the Earth surface, the surface of earth absorbed the some part of the sun rays heat and remaining released in the atmosphere. But the absorbed heat does not stay on the earth forever. The Earth’s oceans and land masses eventually radiate heat back out. If the green house gases such carbon dioxide or methane is much in the atmosphere, it absorbed all this heat and keep this heat on the plant. As the result of this the earth temperature is continuously increasing. This is the green house effect (The green house effect, 2010). The Global Warming is the current and one of biggest environmental problem in front of the whole world. In the 19th century, the whole world was not aware about this environment problem, but in 20th century, this problem arises in front of the whole world because of the excess of the greenhouses production due to high industrialization (Weart, 2004). The Former U.S President Al Gore worked hard and put lot of efforts to raise the awareness about the global warming in the world. For this work, he won the noble prize. All the world’s scientist are also researching to overcome this environmental problem, and the people are trying to reduce those activities which produce the green house gases due to this act(Bardes, Shelley & Schmidt, 2008). I. Impact of Global Warming The impact of the global warming includes the

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